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Construction Materials Testing

Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., conducted a site inspection as well as density and concrete testing for a 117-room commercial hotel site in Oklahoma City, which was completed in 2010. Envirotech was retained to conduct a site inspection, provide an evaluation of the site preparation, and provide geotechnical engineering recommendations.  In addition, Envirotech performed visual inspections of on-site or filed welds, column plate bolt connections, and grout integrity. The inspected items were evaluated with respect to project plan notes and details as well as conformance to AWS and AISC for field welds, bolt tightness, and grout placement at columns. 

In addition, Envirotech provided construction materials testing.  Specifically, Envirotech performed 123 field density tests as well as sampled and tested 52 different concrete placements.  Each of those placements was tested in accordance with the applicable ASTM Standards by ACI-certified personnel.  The testing program included temperature, slump, air content, and compressive strength.

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