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Subsurface Investigation

subsurface investigationIn 2010, Envirotech was retained to conduct a subsurface investigation and provide geotechnical engineering recommendations prior to the construction of a new elementary school.

Nine borings were drilled to depths of 20-ft. utilizing a Failing F-6 truck-mounted drilling rig equipped with 6-in. OD hollow-stem augers.  Based on a concept drawing, all borings were field-located and sited at the approximate location of the building area and parking lot. An Envirotech representative was on-site to log the soils and oversee drilling operations.

Representative soil samples were collected according to the split-barrel sampling procedure outlined in ASTM Specification D-1586.  The collected samples were labeled for identification, sealed to prevent moisture loss, and transported to Envirotech’s soils laboratory for further examination, testing, and classification.

Field logs for each soil boring included visual classifications of the soils conditions encountered during drilling operations as well as the on-site engineer’s interpretation of the stratigraphic conditions encountered between sampling levels.  The boring logs represented an interpretation of the field logs and included modifications based on laboratory observations and testing.  In addition, the logs included soil descriptions, relative density and consistency evaluations, boring depths, sampling intervals, and groundwater conditions.

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