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Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility
Richland, Washington

Since 2003, Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., has provided professional services in Richland, Washington, on four (4) major projects, and provided CQA for construction services.  The Department of Energy (DOE) had overall responsibility for the site with the    U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.EPA) and the Washington State Department of Ecology provided oversight services.

The four (4) project scopes included providing Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and Final Construction Certification services for landfills designed to contain low-level nuclear and hazardous waste. 

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Envirotech’s primary role included CQA services for earthwork and geosynthetics as well as leachate and infrastructure piping and control systems.  In this role, Envirotech served as a subcontractor.  Envirotech provided an on-site Quality Assurance (QA) Professional Engineer as well as soil and geosynthetic technicians for these projects. The project ran from 2003 through March of 2011.