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Drone Services & GIS Mapping

Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., provides Drone and GIS Mapping services to support multiple types of projects and industries. Aerial images produce comprehensive data that supports multiple aspects in the planning, engineering, and construction phases of project development. Drones produce detailed imagery that can provide easy access to construction sites, monitor construction progress, and inspect all types of structures and mitigate issues. Drones play an important role in the construction planning and management and can be used throughout the entire project. The top uses include general aerial photography, surveying, and mapping.



  • FAA Licensed
  • User-Friendly Google Earth Outputs
  • Optional Use of GPS Controls
  • GEO-Referenced Outputs
  • In-House Ability for Turn-Key Civil Design

Project Uses

  • Update Aerial Imagery
  • Facility Mapping
  • Preliminary Mapping & Site Planning
  • Documentation and Monitoring of Spills
  • As-Built Documentation

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