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Design Services of a Recycling Facility in New Mexico

Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc. has provided professional services for the design of a recycling facility located in New Mexico.  Envirotech also provided construction testing and liner quality assurance services and certified it was constructed per the design drawings and specifications.  This facility was constructed for the use as a frac/flowback pit for produced water associated with oil and gas activity in accordance with the New Mexico Oil Conservation District (NMOCD) C-147 Permit Process.

The pit was designed with a double liner system including a leachate detection system. The pit is approximately 500-ft by 500-ft at the top and is approximately 15-ft deep. The pit was designed with 3:1 internal slopes and 3:1 external side slopes. The berm at the top was approximately 20-ft wide.

The facility has a 40-mil LLDPE (low density polyethylene) secondary liner, a geocomposite drainage layer and 60-mil HDPE (high density polyethylene) primary liner. The bottom of the pit was designed to drain toward a sump. A 6-in diameter HDPE pipe was installed from the top of the berm to the sump to allow for testing for fluid that might migrate through the top of liner.

Envirotech performed compaction testing on both the pit floor and side slopes during the pit construction. Envirotech conducted QA/QC for the liner installation, and leak detection system providing daily inspection reports, weekly photologs, and documentation of testing.  Quality Assurance for the installation of the liner system also included an evaluation of the liner product, oversight for the liner deployment and installation, and seam air testing.  All of the liner documentation included the panel placement as-builts.

The liner was installed and met the requirements set forth in the NMAC Title 19, Chapter 15, Part 34:  Section 9 Recycling Facilities.

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