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Division 4 Stationary Solid Waste Recycling Facility

ENVIROTECH ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, LLC., provided design services associated with construction of a Division 4 Stationary Solid Waste Recycling Facility that is used to recycle oil based mud cuttings.

ENVIROTECH provided the topography survey to assist in accuracy of the estimated cut and fill data along with it being essential for the layout and staking of the pit.

The preliminary design provided a schematic plan for pit locations, recycle equipment, recycle material storage areas as well as a preliminary desktop review of the location to identify any issues that may create delays in permitting. This process allowed ENVIROTECH and the owner to size and orient the facility layout to ensure that there was adequate space on the site for all the recycle features with room for expansion as well as other facility components that may be required. While this is a minor portion of the design, it is critical that it be done prior to conducting the Geotechnical Investigation. The preliminary design typical includes multiple layouts to valuate options.

A geotechnical investigation was performed based on drilling three borings in the proposed recycle area. The borings served as identifying the soils and verify the depth of groundwater as well as identifying restrictive rock layers that could complicate construction increasing cost. Monitoring wells were installed to determine the depth to groundwater and to allow for continuous monitoring and are sampled routinely.

Based on the usage of this pit, the design plan consisted of one concrete drying and mixing pit, built in phases.  The preliminary design provided a plan for the location and size of the pit to ensure adequate space on the site for the pit and other recycle facility components.

ENVIROTECH provided additional services associated with construction requirements as follows:

  • Permit application
  • Analysis of runoff water
  • Recommendation of stockpiling of topsoil
  • Continued monitoring by our engineers as construction continued
  • Monitoring well installation and Leachate collection system
  • As-Built Drawings


Categories: Geotechnical Engineering , Site Development , Solid Waste