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Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design

Guthrie Wind Turbine
Foundation Design
Foundation Design
Foundation Design

In 2011, Envirotech provided geotechnical investigations and  foundation design services for wind turbine towers, as well as construction inspection services.

For the geotechnical investigations, borings were drilled and representative soil samples were collected according to the split-barrel sampling procedure outlined in ASTM Specification D-1586.  The collected samples were labeled for identification, sealed to prevent moisture loss, and transported to Envirotech’s soils laboratory for further examination, testing, and classification.  Envirotech provided the client with field logs that visually classified soil conditions and included the on-site engineer’s interpretation of the stratigraphic conditions encountered between sampling intervals.  Reports also included boring logs containing soil descriptions, relative density and consistency evaluations, boring depths, sampling intervals, and groundwater conditions.

The foundation designs complied with recommendations from geotechnical investigations as well as client specifications.  The design packages included drawings stamped by a registered Oklahoma engineer with construction notes and calculations for the client to review and submit to acquire all necessary construction permits.

Construction inspection services typically included contractor oversight and inspection. Our team of inspectors monitored the contractor’s progress, was responsible for collection and organization of all contractor submittal data, and provided daily inspection reports that reflected the day-to-day activities.


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