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Modified Site Assessment

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Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., was retained by a Tulsa, Oklahoma based exploration and production company whose focus is to deliver consistent returns for investors through acquisitions and development in conventional and unconventional plays in select onshore North American basins.  Envirotech conducted a Modified Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on specific natural gas properties located in Haskell, Hughes, McIntosh, Pittsburg, and Atoka Counties, in Oklahoma.

The purpose of this study was to identify potential environmental concerns associated with the subject sites through an on-site inspection of the referenced and adjoining properties; a review of the site’s history, aerial photographs, and regulatory agency reports.  The project encompassed ten (10) small compressor facilities, 533 natural gas wells, three (3) saltwater disposals, and six (6) frac ponds.

This assessment was conducted to evaluate the overall environmental condition of the properties and the extent, if any, of previous or current activities that could adversely impact the environmental integrity of the sites based on visual assessment and readily attainable information.  On-site inspections were conducted by three (3) members of Envirotech’s staff.  A general visual assessment of each site was conducted by an Envirotech staff member.  Major lease site features were photo-documented and environmental issues (if any) were noted during the site reconnaissance.  In addition, secondary containment dimensions for tank batteries were recorded.

Categories: Environmental Assessments and Permitting , Oil and Gas Companies