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Oil & Gas Recycle Water Facilities

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Matt Leak Testing

Oil & Gas Water Recycle Facilities – Produced & Flowback Water

Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., provides engineering and technical support for all phases of an Oil & Gas Water Recycle Facility development. From pit design and permitting, through construction and operational sampling, we provide a complete solution to this new and necessary part of the oil and gas industry.

Design & Permitting Services

Site evaluation and Preliminary Design

Site Suitability Assessments

Construction Plans (soil and liner)

Permitting – OK, TX, NM, WY, UT

Construction Services

Geotechnical Investigations (borings)

Construction Oversight /Management

Soil Compaction Testing

Liner Installation Quality Assurance

Liner Leak Detection Systems

Bi-annual Leak Detection Sampling

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