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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

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Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., has extensive experience providing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).  In conducting a Phase I ESA, Envirotech’s objective is to identify and record any existing, potential, or suspect condition(s) that may impose an environmental liability to, or restrict the use of, the subject property.  The ESA report is a complete disclosure of all facts and findings collected during the investigation process including a detailed description of all methodologies.

The following Scope of Services outlines the tasks necessary to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, which conforms to ASTM Standard E 1527-21:

  •  Conduct an aerial photo analysis to detect prior uses of the real property and any pollution-generating activity that may not have been reported or detected.
  •  Conduct interviews with past and present owners and state, tribal, and local government officials to obtain information regarding recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property.
  •  Review data regarding the geology, topography, soils, and hydrology of the property.
  •  Conduct a visual assessment of the subject property to detect evidence of pollution-generating activities; inventory hazardous materials and wastes; and identify possible releases of hazardous materials to local environments.
  •  Examine neighboring properties within a 500-ft.-radius to identify and assess the potential for contamination by third parties.
  •  Review available federal, state, tribal, and local government records of environmental permits, incidents, violations, and response actions relating to the subject property and adjoining properties.
  •  Prepare a map of the subject property depicting the location of any spills, landfills, waste sites, lagoons, pipelines, tanks, sewers, loading/storage areas, oil/gas wells, water wells, soils, drainage patterns, etc.
  •  Prepare a report documenting the history of the property, itemizing potential environmental liabilities, and assessing the general risks associated with the property.

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