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Site Design

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Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., provided civil engineering site design and geotechnical design services at a hotel site in Enid, Oklahoma.  The design services included:

  • Dimension Control Plan.  Including building layout control for the hotel and adjacent parking, parking islands and all features associated with the hotel layout.
  • Site Grading Drainage Plan.  Established finish floor elevations and determined grading design based on site and storm water flow patterns.  Calculated pavement spot grades and entrance compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Subsurface Utility Improvement Plans.  Coordinated with the architect to determine locations for hotel utility connections and placement.  Prepared utility plans including water, sewer, gas line and electric service locations, as well as waterline and sewer line details.
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  Prepared Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) Notice of Intent form and incorporated Best Management Practices into the SWPP Plan for the proposed hotel as well as a separate plan for the entrance area and right of way access corridor.  Also included erosion control locations and appropriate details.
  • Landscape Location Plan.  Incorporated proposed site landscaping locations to satisfy the proposed hotel franchise and the City of Enid landscape ordinance.
  • Drainage Report.  Updated the stormwater report prepared for the preliminary design of the development properties.
  • Prepared Final Plat For Certification.  Established property boundaries for hotel and development for the dedication of the final plat.
  • Public Access Construction Plans.  Designed right of way and street pavement construction plans in accordance with the City of Enid design standards and specifications.  Included pavement grades and construction details.
  • Public Utility Improvement Plans.  Coordinated with the City of Enid utility department concerning waterline and sanitary sewer utility extensions.  Prepared construction plans and details for utility improvement including water and sewer, prepared ODEQ permits and reports.
  • Geotechnical Investigation.  Drilled five borings to a depth of approximately 20-ft., conducted soils properties testing in Envirotech laboratory and provided written report summarizing our findings and making recommendations for foundation design and constructions.

Categories: Construction Materials Testing , Geotechnical Engineering , Municipal Infrastructure Design , Site Development