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Stormwater Master Plan

Stormwater Master Plan 5
Stormwater Master Plan 1
Stormwater Master Plan 3

Envirotech Engineering & Consulting, Inc., was hired to develop a  Stormwater Master Plan with the purpose of determining the large-scale effects of flooding within the City of Enid.  Two major watersheds comprise the City of Enid’s land area.  Envirotech prepared a report which supplemented several previously-prepared hydrology reports that documented stormwater issues within the western watershed and provided initial evaluations of stormwater issues within the eastern watershed.  The tasks performed as a part of this project included the following:

  • Updated previous stormwater studies affecting the western watershed.
  • Developed hydrologic and hydraulic computer models for the remaining western watershed basins not studied in previous reports.
  • Integrated the previous studies and revised models into one (1) comprehensive stormwater master plan which included both hydrologic and hydraulic models for the entire western watershed.
  • Performed an initial evaluation of the eastern watershed and made recommendations for future study and analysis.

Categories: Agriculture , Environmental Assessments and Permitting , Municipal Infrastructure Design , Site Development , Solid Waste